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Cleaning and Care

  • Bodysuit and gloves can be machine washed using warm water. Make sure the suit is inside out; regular laundry detergent it fine. In the even your bodysuit develops any odor, you may wash it inside-out, with a very small capful of bleach (see below!). Fur is synthetic and is generally unaffected by small amounts of bleach. 

    • Body suit should air-dry once washed – NEVER DRY USING HEAT. Heat can destroy the fur material and its backing.

    • Hand-paws with paw pads sewn-in should not be washed with bleach - the fleece/felt/fabric will react with the bleach.

  • Feet - Spot cleaning can be done with a wet, white cloth with some detergent, including the character feet (and on white, or light colors, small amounts of bleach may be used

  • Heads – Do not submerge the heads in any circumstances. Water will cause any paint to run, and can affect glues. It is recommended that the inside of the head is sprayed lightly with Isopropyl Alcohol (91%) and allowed to air-dry after use. Spot cleaning can be done on the outside with small amount of detergent of bleach.

  • Repairs – Over time, its normal that any suit will have some 'wear and tear'. In particular minor breaks along seams can be re-sewn by hand (using nylon thread), or by machine. There are some examples and tutorials online at places like: 

  • Brushes - Definitely recommend using a lighter, more flexible bristled brush. Since most pet brushes are designed to help with shedding (which we don't want on a suit!), its best to go with less densely packed bristles; like this brush here 

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