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Our Process and How We Build Our Costumes

  • We build your costume based on your design - Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions at all!

  • Basic-pricing for a simple-pattern complete-suit starts at around $1800 US, and we only require a small deposit to get started!

  • Design elements, such as complex patterning or markings (e.g. tattoos, spots, stripes) require additional build-time, and can impact pricing. 

  • We are only able to accept commissions from clients who are 18-years-of age, or older.


Unless otherwise requested by you, costumes will include:

  • Back-entry, hidden zipper

  • Bottoms of the character feet are typically unfinished, unless otherwise requested. This means that the black soles of the inner-shoe is visible on the bottom, but offers a much greater durability and stability when performing.

  • Performer's vision is through the characters eyes

  • As a standard (please contact for otherwise), all fursuit feet have 3 digits; hand-paws have 4 digits

  • Machine washable bodysuit - please see cleaning and care for more details

We are currently open for new commissions

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